Challenge:  The assumptions about women's lives influence how they view themselves, their futures, & other women.  Messages and images that surround them from birth about what being female is "supposed" to look like.  Assumptions can be based on statistics; it's what we do with these assumptions that matters. The power of words matter to the inner selves of females, young and young-at-heart.

Challenge:  Women's biology and the lack of education surrounding planning or preventing pregnancy.  Half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned.  Sexual images bombard women from all sources and casual sex is common; thus, many unplanned pregnancies are between people who never planned to form a Parenting Partnership.  Three in every 10 females will become pregnant before the age of 20.  Education and presenting the realities of motherhood are keys to unlocking these statistics.

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Challenge:  The influence of religion in women's lives, raised with the idea that woman's calling is to become a mother.  In a particularly poignant interview I conducted with a woman in her late 40s, for whom motherhood never materialized, as a deeply religious woman, she wanted to discuss Paul's view in the 2nd testament that "Woman will be saved in childbirth" (1 Timothy 2:12-15).  She also related how she no longer attends church on Mothers Day because it leaves her feeling left out. No one intends for this to happen; but it does happen. 


Challenge:  In a world where nonhuman species are going extinct at an accelerated rate, do we consider how human's "free will" balances with the plan of a "higher power" with regard to the world's ecosystem?  Although extinction is a natural phenomenon, its natural rate is 1 to 5 species per year, however, scientists estimate that we are losing dozens of species per day ( ).  Can you imagine polar bears and elephants existing only in storybooks in a few generations from now? 

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