Books that Shine Bright!

How can one book cover 13.5 billion years of history? Ask Yuval Noah Harari, who combines physics, biology, culture, economics, and other disciplines in his book, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. Harari uses easy language to ensure laymen “get” these heavy topics. And as he explains one of the 3 great revolutions of humankind, the Agricultural Revolution, he translates the “iron clad rule that luxuries become necessities” into 21st century examples. Many people expound on bits and pieces of history, but this book enlarges the picture…for all to see. I was honored to write a Book Review for Laura Carroll’s website, where she highlights nonfiction books that help us “live true to oneself, others, and the world.”

Another book you may appreciate is Ursula Le Guin’s No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters. Sadly, the title couldn’t be more appropriate—Le Guin died 33 days after the release of this book; she was 88. Her essays are funny, deep, and thought-provoking. Le Guin spent her life as a writer, and the world is richer for her efforts. This is another book included on Laura Carroll’s website, and again, I was honored to write a Book Review for it. Even though Le Guin is known for her fiction and poetry, her nonfiction is on-point. Born in 1929, she lived through and saw a lot.  I discovered her heroic writing mere days after she penned her last words, and I'm very glad I did. I think you too will appreciate reading about "what matters."