This website contains a "Nurturing One's Nature Blog."  No matter your choice or circumstance, you are welcome to join the journey that analyzes the human experience.

My story:  I came of age in the late 1970s/early 80s. The feminist storms of the 1960s had calmed; thus, I was not raised with the voices of Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, or Alice Walker.  By the mid-1980s, I was married with a baby, working outside the home full-time and carrying a very heavy load. Thirty years later, I have experienced marriage, divorce, single motherhood, re-marriage, a challenging step-family situation, and 3+ decades of mothering three children. I wouldn't change any of it, however, I endeavor to shine a bright light on myths and assumptions about womanhood.  

My credentials:  A Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from St. Xavier University.  It took 20+ years to earn my degree because of many detours. Three decades of motherhood; 25+ years of which were spent working outside the home alongside other women, always listening to their stories.  If you analyze "My Story," you'll see that I've experienced much of what I write about.

Writing:  I began writing my first book: The Female Assumption the day after my last final exam for my Bachelor's degree (I couldn't wait to get started). It earned a Global Media Award in 2014 from the Population Institute (PI) for its message of equality and education for females. PI was founded by a Methodist minister with the goal of educating legislatures about reproductive health and it's humbling to have my book on a long list of amazing writers. 

My writing emphasizes diversity of thought and seeks to amplify voices that otherwise might not be heard.  I am a nonfiction writer interested in telling stories that open minds and hearts.  Please see my Media Page for links to articles/interviews.