Background:  A Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from St. Xavier University, Chicago, which took 20+ years due to many detours along the way, including marriage, motherhood, divorce, re-marriage, and a challenging stepfamily situation.  I've worked outside the home since graduating high school at 16; including stints with two U.S. government agencies, the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service, a small farm-seed company, a now-defunct worldwide accounting firm, and a large nonprofit conservation organization.  

Writing:  I began writing my first book: The Female Assumption the day after my last final exam for my Bachelor's degree (I couldn't wait to get started). It earned a Global Media Award in 2014 from the Population Institute (PI) for its message of equality and education for females. PI was founded by a Methodist minister with the goal of educating legislatures about reproductive health and it's humbling to have my book on a long list of amazing writers. 

I've freelanced quite a bit since 2013. My writing emphasizes diversity of thought and seeks to amplify voices that otherwise might not be heard. Please see my Media Page for links to articles/interviews.