mailto:holmesauthor11 at gmail dot com  (that's an eleven not 2 L's)

I am available to speak about women's history, gender equality, and/or my book.

I am also available for Book Group discussions.  This can be in-person or via Skype.  My passion is to discuss women's lives, women's history, and diversity of thought as a means to acceptance of fellow humans.

Following is a list of suggested topics/questions for Book Club discussions:

- Do you think all women yearn for motherhood deep down?

- Do you think women who opt out of motherhood are dysfunctional or selfish in some way? (Define what the word "selfish" means to you.)

- If you're not a parent, and you don't want kids, are your family and friends supportive?  If not, do you think they would be willing to read a copy of The Female Assumption in order to open their minds?  

- If you are a parent, did reading The Female Assumption change the way you view your offspring or friends without kids?

- Have you found yourself in one of the situations in the Rescripting chapter?  

- Do you see this topic (assumption that all women want or can have a child) as an issue to be dealt with on an individual level, or do you see it in the larger sociological context? C. Wright Mills calls the "sociological imagination" something that encourages us to think about specific issues as ones widely shared by others...issues that are part of the public landscape or social structure. If a woman is judged for not wanting or achieving motherhood, can we as a society push for an evolution of thought that protects her from judgment?  

Your feedback is welcome. Thank you!