Click on the Title of the Article to read or Interview to watch. This is a small sampling of my work:

Psychology Today Blog: Should Women be freed from the motherhood mandate?

Book Review - Huffington Post - Mulling the motherhood mandate   

Global Media Award 2014--The Female Assumption wins Best Book category for its message of equality & education for females:  Population Institute names 35th Annual Global Media Award Winners

Our Bodies Ourselves Blog (formerly Boston Women's Health Collective):  Our Kids, Ourselves, How to discuss motherhood as a choice 

Interview - Lisa Haisha's Legacy Series, Taped in Los Angeles, California - Melanie Holmes, Season 3 Interview

Interview - Michelle Marie McGrath, Australia - Unclassified Woman Podcast   

Freelance Writer for RoleReboot ("Life, Off Script") - On the Anniversary of Emmett Till's Death: Why the 1950s and 1960s were Not a "Simpler Time" 

Freelance Writer, RoleReboot - We Stand with Jada - photos of 16-year-old Jada's rape went viral, but she refuses to hide

Interview - Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle, Canada - Femme Sans Enfant Podcast 

Elephant Journal ("the mindful life"):  I Hosted a Foreign Exchange Student & Learned Lessons to Last a Lifetime  

CMomA (Childless Moms Adopt):  Answering the Call to Adopt