This website contains a "Nurturing One's Nature Blog."  No matter your choice or circumstance, you are welcome to join the journey that analyzes the human experience.

My story:  I came of age in the late 1970s/early 80s. The feminist storms of the 1960s had calmed; thus, I was not raised with the voices of Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, or Alice Walker.  I grew up in a small Midwestern farm town and saw women pursuing marriage & motherhood.  By the mid-1980s, I was married with a baby, working outside the home full-time, and carrying a very heavy load. Thirty years later, I have experienced marriage, divorce, single motherhood, re-marriage, a challenging step-family situation, and 3+ decades of mothering three children. We wouldn't change any of it, but I do endeavor to share the details.  

My credentials:  A Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from St. Xavier University.  It took 20 years to earn my degree because of many detours. Three decades of motherhood; 25+ years of which were spent working outside the home alongside other women, always listening to their stories.  If you analyze "My Story," you'll see that I've experienced much of what I write about.

Work Experience:  After graduating high school at 16, I did a one-year certificate program, just enough to land my 1st job with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, working in the Toxic Substances office.  Subsequent work experience includes: 4-H Secretary for the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service, various for-profit companies, including 13+ years at Arthur Andersen (no jokes about shredding please), and more than a decade working for a non-profit conservation organization where strategic communications were integral to my position.      

Writing:  I have always been a writer. One of my first jobs was at a farm seed company where I wrote a monthly newsletter to farmers in the company's multi-state sales region.  For a decade, I wrote/edited the CEO's monthly column for a major nonprofit, reaching 150+ of the organization's highest end donors; and assisted the CEO in editing a quarterly membership column which reached 100K+ households in the Chicagoland area. Other writing credits are outlined below. I began writing my first book: The Female Assumption the day after my last final exam for my Bachelor's degree (I couldn't wait to get started) .  During my research of women’s history, I discovered a forgotten, but very important, figure whose struggle began in my small hometown -- Elizabeth Packard -- who fought for women’s property rights and the rights of the mentally ill (since a woman could be committed solely on her husband's word in the 1800s); and brought about what were known as The Packard Laws. My article was published by the local paper on March 17, 2012; and was honored by the local Historical Society for its importance.  I currently freelance at various cultural and women's sites/blogs. Note: I'm more active on my Facebook, than on my blog.  

Below article is from The Daily - I'm particularly proud of unearthing this forgotten woman's voice...which has happened too often throughout history. 

In addition to the above articles on Women's History, I've written for, a news site geared to the Latino demographic in the Chicago area.  Other writing credits include articles at Psychology Today blog, Boston Women's Health Collective Our Bodies Ourselves Blog, RoleReboot (rebooting the way we view ourselves & each other),, Elephant Journal, and many others.