Maiden voyage

My very first blog post on my very own website.  This is my "room of one's own" that Virginia Woolf wrote about.  I invite you along for the journey.

After almost three decades of mothering three kids, I am pursuing my dream of being a writer, a dream I've envisioned since I was 19.  My oldest child is 29, a son, and my youngest is a teenage daughter.  Since my daughter was in utero, I knew that someday I would educate her about the realities of the female experience.  Although my daughter was my first inspiration, I have encountered countless other females who now encompass the vision for my work.  My dream is a world where women are free to be who they are meant to be without judgment or criticism for their life choices, where they are encouraged  to explore many options for their lives, where they are told that being authentic to oneself -- even to the exclusion of motherhood -- is important.  Motherhood has always been hard.  The 21st century holds different challenges for mothers than in previous decades.  Some things have not changed at all, and other aspects of motherhood are so very different.  On this website, the stories of women living "both sides of motherhood" will be explored - women who are mothers and women who are not mothers.  My hope is that you will keep the females you love the most at the forefront of your mind as you read the "realities" presented here.