1st-Ever International "NotMom Summit"

Karen Malone Wright created a resource for women without children, a website called, TheNotMom.com, which supports women without children by chance or by choice.  Karen and her team organized the FIRST-EVER Summit of this kind to be held Oct. 9-10, 2015, in Cleveland, Ohio, with experts from the US and UK.  Topics of discussion will include Body & Spirit, Legacy, and Relationships.  A few sample program titles will be:  "Expecting Acceptance, Post-Choice or After Grief," "God Only Knows, The Faith of Women Without Children," and "Community Living: The Overlooked Option for Living Alone." This is just a few out of 2 days of programming!

There's still room, you can visit their website www.thenotmom.com and click on the Summit Schedule or Registration for more details. You can bet that this weekend, these women in the heart of Cleveland will be rocking and supporting each other (and making history).