Viewing Ourselves/Each Other--Past, Present, Future

How we view our past is important. Do we hold onto expectations that didn’t pan out, causing us pain?  In the present, do we have people to turn to for support? People who will lend an ear when we need it?  Some people amass tons of friends, but all you really need is a few caring people who “get” you.  As we look to the future, do we see the brightness that dawns with each new day?  Do we respect the integrity of the person we’ve become (or are becoming), no matter if it fits with what others assume about us?  As long as we try to be true to who we are, be kind, and refrain from judgment, what more should we ask of ourselves?  Sometimes “good enough” is the goal.  As in, I am not perfect, but I’m good enough. 

The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity. I earned a Global Media Award for my 1st book, The Female Assumption, and flew to Washington DC to accept it.  I was interviewed for a legacy series weekly podcast, and flew to Los Angeles for that opportunity (yet to be released), I was Author-of-the-Month at a local arts center, featured speaker for Women’s History Month (March), and did the library circuit in April with 3 events in one week (along with other speaking events). 

Coming up, I will be one of 3 moms at the 1st-Ever “NotMom Summit,” October 9-10, 2015, in Cleveland, OH, ( ) arranged by Karen Malone Wright and her team.  I will serve on a breakfast panel and will give voice to the feelings of moms who have daughters who are "NotMoms," or daughters who may never want to (or be able to) become a mom.  I am honored, and hope to inspire, embrace, and help make space for all women traveling through this journey called Life.  I’ve been in the position of being questioned about my procreation plans, and I’ve felt “less than” as a result.  I still feel the sting upon being interrogated publicly. 

With our sisters, friends, daughters, nieces, etc., in mind, let’s make space for all women in our lives.  Let’s refrain from judgment.  Let’s stay in our own business and let them tend to their own needs and their own business.  Let’s speak with words that lift up, rather than tug and pull at the feelings of females around us. 

Please visit my Facebook page for a peek at my recent writing and future activities. You do NOT have to have a FB account in order to view my Public page.  Feel free to email me with questions, or if you’d like an Author to be present at your book club (in person in the greater Chicagoland area or via Skype elsewhere), just let me know.  I welcome these opportunities for open exchange.