NY Critic's Pick Director recommends The Female Assumption

Maxine Trump is a powerhouse, who does the kind of meaningful work that resonates within her soul, whose creative spark comes from her heart. I was honored when she asked me to sign one of my books (The Female Assumption) that she intended to give to her mum. I wrote this book to open the door to conversations that often don't get started. Maxine listed 10 books on her website that she recommends for gifts (for yourself or someone else), and she included mine, along with other books that speak to various experiences from women who may have wanted, or may not have wanted children. It's the "hot topic" of the day, but it doesn't have to be. We can accept that each of us need and want different things. And for those who wanted motherhood  and didn't find it, you're not alone. Join your sisters; they are out there.  By the way, please be a "sister" to other women you meet. First and foremost, we start with acceptance, then comes the love that is so needed in this world. Peace.