Inaugural International Summit

I had the honor of participating in the first summit of its kind, designed to bring women without kids together, whether by circumstance or choice.  Karen Malone Wright, Founder of TheNotMom website, seeks to unite women.  Full stop.  Her site’s disclaimer that “some of our best friends are moms,” makes it clear that respectful dialogue is expected.  And that’s what happened last month, when women without kids came from all over the U.S., from Iceland, the U.K., Canada, and China for a 2-day summit to discuss issues common to this demographic.  A spectrum of topics included:  “Overlooked Options to Living Alone,” “Political Footprints: Women’s Vote,” “The NonParent Employee,” as well as discussions of religion, financial planning, health, environmentalism, volunteerism, and storytelling/sharing, among others.  As the mom of three grown kids, I was honored to take part in a breakfast panel, along with another mom, Pam Burns, and share honest dialogue.

The 100+ women who attended the summit came away with new connections, helpful information, strategies for improving life, and a chance to share stories with others who "get it."  

One of the speakers was Marianne Kilkenny, Founder of Women Living in Community, who said, “We spend more time planning vacations than 2, 3, 4 decades down the road.”   Marianne says that aging in community is more than shared housing and medical concerns.  “Wellbeing is more than healthcare; it’s emotional care and that kind of care comes from being surrounded by people we know, love and trust.” You can find Marianne at 

Strong, supportive women.  Strong leaders.  Compassionate concerns.  United we stand!