New Interview: Award-Winning Canadian Website: FemmeSansEnfant

Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle honored my book, The Female Assumption, with an interview on her award-winning website. Based near Montreal, most of her interviews are in French; this one is in English. She endeavors to, "Rally childless women by life circumstance or choice." There are many women who need understanding on this topic. When a women expects motherhood but doesn't find it, such as Catherine-Emmanuelle, it is hard when those close to her use words that assume certain things about her life.  Some have said to women without kids, "You've been too picky," or, "You're too serious about your career." They might tell her to freeze her eggs or go to a sperm bank--but she may not want that.

This is not an area for "advice-giving." If she opens up to you, give her the gift of just listening. For those who opt out of motherhood, they have their reasons, personal reasons.  I interviewed/polled 200 women for my book, those with and without kids...I've heard women who feel pain over this issue, they feel judged, sometimes angry or frustrated.  What would benefit these women?  Support. Acceptance. Understanding.

Please, tread gently with your words. This video is 15 minutes and explains why I, as a mom, wrote this book.  We can choose inclusive messages, we can shed assumptions that do harm...on the inside, where you can't see it.

Women have an array of experiences. It is not to be assumed that they want or are able to have children. They traverse paths..sans enfant (without child) and they find can help and support women. Thank you for watching, please share if you feel the message would help open minds and support for our sisters, nieces, friends, whomever. Merci/thank you.