You wake up each morning as a new person.  Yesterday's "you" is no more.  This has exciting connotations.  We can continue to change, evolve, and grow throughout our lives.  However, at times, we feel stuck, as though our feet are in mud.  Then the mud dries, it hardens, and weighs down our movement.  And we trudge through our days as though we have no say in the matter.

Today, imagine what you could do if you weren't...tired, afraid, stuck.  There are many visions that go unnourished because you don't allow yourself time to reflect, to rejuvenate, to re-envision. 

When life hems us in, we can construct something new.  Perhaps it’s a new perspective.  Perhaps it’s a quilt or a letter for a loved one.  Or maybe there's a career you've dreamed of.  Whatever it is, give yourself the gift of time to envision it...nourish it...build it!