Please, Watch Your Assumptions

The practice of holding assumptions extends to many areas of our lives. Someone hurts us and we assume they don't care. Someone gets in our way on the roadway and we assume they're careless. Please, be cautious of your assumptions, because "that person" could be suffering in ways you cannot see. Perhaps they are the main caretaker for a chronically-ill loved one. Perhaps they're in fear of losing their job or the love from a partner/spouse. Perhaps they're struggling with an addiction. Or perhaps, it's been a really long time since they received a warm hug.

Empathy is a critical life skill, and it is a stepping stone on the path to understanding and forgiveness. It's been reported that 4 hours of training on forgiveness equates to months of psychotherapy. People who hold onto grudges release heavy doses of cortisol (the stress hormone), which impacts the ecosystem known as your body (digestion, brain health, etc.).

This video illustrates things we cannot know at face value...things hidden below the surface.  I hope you'll take 3 minutes to watch and gain the insight this video affords. And maybe, just maybe, you'll pay forward empathy and compassion next time you're faced with the decision to give someone the benefit of the doubt versus an assumption.